Anybody In Here?

Knock. Knock.
Anybody home?

I've spent another day reading all about how to use all the technology that is going to make my life more interesting and easier than ever.  I'm in the middle of a lupus flare so it takes me a frustratingly long time to accomplish anything - and it isn't exactly infrequent that I interrupt something I'm doing to do something else and have to start over.  At. The. Beginning.

One thing I've done is write down a list (okay, three lists) of things I want to accomplish.  It feels like one of the few things I can do to combat my lethargy and directionless-ness is to write out what I want to be doing.  That way I can keep getting re-focused on what I mean to be involved in.

The "lupus fog" just feels more like thought stew.

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